Following on from a very successful partnership with NBC Sports on the Summer 2016 Rio Olympics we were again asked to partner with them on the Winter 2018 Olympic campaign. Two concepts were developed for the Regional and National campaigns.Winter Olympians embody TOUGH. They are individuals with skills and talents forged in cold harsh climates. In the PRIDE concept, we bring that mentality back to the places that forged the Olympians. With key ‘celebratory’ words describing each region, we emphasize the weight of these Olympians’ accomplishments, as well as the significance of where they came from.

We may not know their names now…but we will. That’s the bold proclamation from our new generation of Olympic stars behind the second concept, KNOW MY NAME. Hailing from small towns across the country with first and last names that aren’t yet featured on billboards, our athletes represent a new generation. And that generation is here to make an impact!

We wish the best of luck to Team USA as they strive to bring back Gold!

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